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About the Panthers

Our program was started in 1957 by Dick Rhinehart, Fred Breda, Mel Kries, Floyd Opdycke, Dick Pulsinelli, Richard Teusen and Mike Sadlon as part of the Washington Township Youth Association. We built the field where it is today by hand using the Brass Castle Creek for irrigation. We played our first game in Hackettstown. Our game pants hadn't been delivered so we had to borrow pants from Hackettstown to play. Needless to say we lost 26-0. At that time we were known as the Cubs and our colors were scarlet and grey.

The first year we only had practice games and then we entered the Warren County League in the early 1960's. We ran the Single Wing formation which drove the other teams crazy! At one point in the 60's we won 28 games in a row, as well as 3 League Championships.

At that time we only weighed in twice, once in the beginning of the season and then at the All Star Game. The weight was 110 pounds and each organization only fielded one team. The younger team only played practice games.

We built the refreshment stand and the equipment building with volunteers. Dick Pulsinelli and his apprentices did most of the work.

With the soccer craze coming in the 1970's we were forced to pull out of the league due to lack of players. We got rid of our equipment, including leather helmets, and were dormant until 1993.

In 1993 we went to the Washington Township Committee and proposed bringing football back to the township. We played our first game as the Panthers in 1995.

'63 Brass Castle Cubs - 1st Annual WCMFL Champions.

'63 Brass Castle Cubs - 1st Annual WCMFL Champions. Midget Division; HC: Dick Rhinehart; Asst: Mel Kries, Fred Breds; Team Physician: Dr. Russell Stone