Panther Families,

Over the past 25 years, our football and cheer program has been created and maintained by the strength of volunteers. “Many hands make light work” is so true and we’ve accomplished so much with the help from so many who have been completely selfless.

Each year we must evaluate the amount of work needed to keep the organization running against the total number of families in our organization. As you can imagine this is a hefty task, but the harder part is determining what is fair to ask of our families and what is absolutely necessary to run the operation. It is truly a balancing act.

This year we are asking our families to contribute hours. 

While the amount of effort is always going to vary from one individual to another, it is important to note, that no good deed goes unnoticed here. We appreciate all the help we receive and value everyone’s time and involvement. Without you, we as an organization (as we know it) would not be possible.

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Hourly Totals

Hours are totaled by FAMILY NAME. Please search the entire list before emailing CONTACT@WTPANTHERS.COM

Last Updated 11.14.23

Family Name Hours First Last
Allen 1.5 Toni Allen
Allen 1 Kaytlyn Adam
Amore 2.5 Justin Amore
Anema 2 Melissa Anema
ANEMA 5 Randy Anema
Bastos 1 Amanda Bastos
Bastos 2 David Bastos
Berger 5 Tonya Berger
Bradley 1 Tamara Bradley
Bradley family 3 Tamara Bradley
BURD 6 Heather Burd
Byrne 5 Lauren Byrne
Chace Cortes 5 Katherine Cortes
Chace Cortes - Dad 1 Katherine Cortes
Chace Cortes - Mom 1 Katherine Cortes
Cleveland 5 Daniela Cleveland
Coates 2 Sharon Coates
Colaluce 5 Christine Colaluce
Curry 5 Christina Ruiz
Damiano 9 Courtney Price (Hailee Damiano)
DEL RIO 1 Lisa Del Rio
Dibernard/Kimble 2 Kristy Dibernard
Dimick 5 Darlene Dimick
Duerring 6 Michele Anicito Duerring
Fallstich 6 Ian Fallstich
Fallstich (Sarah) 2 Sarah Fallsich
French 1 Kim French
Frenzel 5.5 Amy Frenzel
Garcia 6 Bill Garcia
Gardner 4 Caressa Hill
GASSMANN 5 Mare Gassmann
GIBSON 6.5 Will Gibson
GILBERT 1 Melanie Gilbert
Gordon 5 Erika Gordon
Gregory 3.5 Alanna Newmark
Hagens 5 Becky Hagens
Halstead 6 Lauren Halstead
HILL 1 Caressa Hill
Hlinka 3.5 Jaclyn Hlinka
Hlinka 1.5 Steve Hlinka
Indrikovic 5 Soni Indrikovic
Johnson 5 Katherine Johnson
Johnson 2 Rebecca Sarkozy
Joyce 2 Jack Joyce
joyce 4 Megan Joyce
Katelyn Makatura 2 Katelyn Makatura
Kearns 5 Brian Kearns
Kearns 1 Julianne Kearns
KIMBLE 1 Kristy Dibernard
KIMBLE 2 Kristy Dibernard
Kroboth 6 Brett Kroboth
Kubiak 7 Kathleen Kubiak
Lance 3 Ryan Lance
Latourette 5 Damian Latourette
LEE 3 Cory Lee
Leo Gilbert 1 Melanie Gilbert
LeRose 6 Rita LeRose
Lovering 5 Audra Lovering
Lynch 1 Holly Lynch
Lynch Family 4 Holly Lynch
Mack 6 Mike Mack
Makatura 3 Katelyn Makatura
MASKER 5 Erica Masker
MATLOCK 5 Phoebe Matlock
McCreery 6 Olivia Kolemba
MCGARRY 5 Bill McGarry
Meissner 4 Michelle Meissner
Meissner 2 Skip Meissner
MILLER 5 Amanda Miller
Moreno 5 Jorge Moreno
Mulligan 5 Amanda Mulligan
MUSSO 3 Nicole Musso
Musso 2 Robert Musso
Nelson/Tohme 1 Ryan Nelson
Nelson/Tohme 3 Stephanie Tohme
NEWMARK 2 Alanna Newmark
Nienstedt 5 Fatima Nienstedt
Nikola 5 Brooke Nikola
Palumbo 5 Kelli Palumbo
Perez adriel/aly 1 Waleska Perez
Perez-adriel/añy 1 Waleska Perez
Perez-adriel/aly 2 Rafael Perez
Perez-Adriel/Alyanna 2 Rafael Perez
Piccione 1 Tori Piccione
Piccione 4 Tori Piccione
Pinto 6 Michelle Pinto
Pucci 1 David Pucci
Pucci 4 Desiree Pucci
Pullaro 5 Robyn Pullaro
QUEZADA 1 Amanda Quezada
REISS 2 Linda Riess
RHINEHART 4 Brooke Rhinehart
Rodriguez 5 Rochelle Rodriguez
Roloson 5 Stephanie Roloson
Ross 6 Chelsea Lehman
Sands 3 Scott Sands
Sarkozy 1 Rebecca Sarkozy
Sarkozy 4 Rebecca Sarkozy
Sbriscia 2 Anthony Sbriscia
Schiano-Dicola 4 Agatha Russo
Schott 5 Heather Schott
Sebold 4 Quinn Sebold
Sims 2 Diana Alzate
Snider 2 Lisa Del Rio
Sodtalbers 3 Angela Sodtalbers
Steele 4 Amy Steele
Sternfels 4 Dawn Sternfels
Sternfels 1 Jonathan Sternfels
The Bradley Family 1 Tamara Bradley
Thomas Snider 2 Lisa Del Rio
Tierney 4 Cristen Tierney
Tierney 1 Cristen Tierney
Tohme/Nelson 2 Stephanie Tohme
Valverde 8 Hernan Valverde
Weber-Zwier 5 Robyn Weber
Weber-Zwier 3 Steven Zwier
Werneke 1 Jeff Werneke
WERNEKE 1 Jen Werneke
WERNEKE 3.5 Jen Werneke
Whitcomb 3 Chris Whitcomb
Zagarella 5 Glenn Zagarella
Zulla 2 Kayla Zulla
Zur 6 Scott Zur