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2018 Schedule

If you would like to download the schedule click here.

Date Venue Home Away
2018-08-25 Saturday Night RIEGEL RIDGE Pohatcong
2018-08-25 Saturday Night FLEMINGTON Lopatcong
2018-08-25 Saturday Night WASHINGTON-MANSFIELD North Warren
2018-08-26 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Lambertville-New Hope
2018-08-26 Sunday Afternoon BELVIDERE Steele Hill
Week 1 - Bye ***BYE*** Bethlehem Catholic ***BYE***
2018-09-01 Saturday Afternoon WASHINGTON-MANSFIELD Lopatcong
2018-09-01 Saturday Afternoon STEELE HILL Riegel Ridge
2018-09-01 Saturday Afternoon BELVIDERE Washington Township
2018-09-01 Saturday Afternoon POHATCONG Bethlehem Catholic
2018-09-01 Saturday Night FLEMINGTON Lambertville-New Hope
Week 2 - Bye ***BYE*** North Warren ***BYE***
2018-09-08 Saturday Night FLEMINGTON Pohatcong
2018-09-08 Saturday Night NORTH WARREN Washington Township
2018-09-09 Sunday Afternoon LOPATCONG Steele Hill
2018-09-09 Sunday Afternoon BELVIDERE Bethlehem Catholic
2018-09-09 Sunday Afternoon RIEGEL RIDGE Lambertville-New Hope
Week 3 - Bye ***BYE*** Washington-Mansfield ***BYE***
2018-09-15 Saturday Night LAMBERTVILLE-NEW HOPE Belvidere
2018-09-15 Saturday Night WASHINGTON -MANSFIELD Flemington
2018-09-16 Sunday Afternoon BETHLEHEM CATHOLIC Steele Hill
2018-09-16 Sunday Afternoon POHATCONG North Warren
2018-09-16 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Riegel Ridge
Week 4 - Bye ***BYE*** Lopatcong ***BYE***
2018-09-22 Saturday Night NORTH WARREN Belvidere
2018-09-23 Sunday Afternoon STEELE HILL Flemington
2018-09-23 Sunday Afternoon POHATCONG Washington -Mansfield
2018-09-23 Sunday Afternoon LOPATCONG Washington Township
2018-09-23 Sunday Afternoon BETHLEHEM CATHOLIC Riegel Ridge
Week 5 - Bye ***BYE*** Lambertville-New Hope ***BYE***
2018-09-29 Saturday Night LAMBERTVILLE-NEW HOPE Washington -Mansfield
2018-09-29 Saturday Night RIEGEL RIDGE Belvidere
2018-09-30 Sunday Afternoon LOPATCONG Pohatcong
2018-09-30 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Bethlehem Catholic
2018-09-30 Sunday Afternoon STEELE HILL North Warren
Week 6 - Bye ***BYE*** Flemington ***BYE***
2018-10-06 Saturday Night RIEGEL RIDGE Washington -Mansfield
2018-10-06 Saturday Night NORTH WARREN Lopatcong
2018-10-07 Sunday Afternoon STEELE HILL Lambertville-New Hope
2018-10-07 Sunday Afternoon BETHLEHEM CATHOLIC Flemington
2018-10-07 Sunday Afternoon POHATCONG Washington Township
Week 7 - Bye ***BYE*** Belvidere ***BYE***
2018-10-13 Saturday Night NORTH WARREN Lambertville-New Hope
2018-10-13 Saturday Night FLEMINGTON Riegel Ridge
2018-10-14 Sunday Afternoon STEELE HILL Pohatcong
2018-10-14 Sunday Afternoon LOPATCONG Bethlehem Catholic
2018-10-14 Sunday Afternoon BELVIDERE Washington -Mansfield
Week 8 - Bye ***BYE*** Washington Township ***BYE***
2018-10-20 Saturday Night FLEMINGTON Belvidere
2018-10-20 Saturday Night LAMBERTVILLE-NEW HOPE Pohatcong
2018-10-21 Sunday Afternoon BETHLEHEM CATHOLIC North Warren
2018-10-21 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON -MANSFIELD Washington Township
2018-10-21 Sunday Afternoon LOPATCONG Riegel Ridge
Week 9 - Bye ***BYE*** Steele Hill ***BYE***
2018-10-27 Saturday Night LAMBERTVILLE-NEW HOPE Bethlehem Catholic
2018-10-27 Saturday Night RIEGEL RIDGE North Warren
2018-10-28 Sunday Afternoon BELVIDERE Lopatcong
2018-10-28 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON -MANSFIELD Steele Hill
2018-10-28 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Flemington
Week 10 - Bye ***BYE*** Pohatcong ***BYE***
2018-11-03 Saturday Night NORTH WARREN Flemington
2018-11-03 Saturday Night LAMBERTVILLE-NEW HOPE Lopatcong
2018-11-04 Sunday Afternoon BETHLEHEM CATHOLIC Washington -Mansfield
2018-11-04 Sunday Afternoon POHATCONG Belvidere
2018-11-04 Sunday Afternoon WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP Steele Hill
Week 11 - Bye ***BYE*** Riegel Ridge ***BYE***


Playoffs: November 10/11

Championship Game: November 18th